The Lenore Apartments

Project Owner, supported by Fortis, executed a $25.6 million historic redevelopment of the Building, improving it from Class B to Class A, adding high-end features and creating communal spaces. The building was designed to LEED Silver standards. The project secured a 20-year PILOT agreement with the City of Baltimore that abates the incremental tax increase saving the owner over $2 million during its duration. Additionally, Project secured $3.3 million in Federal Historic Taxes Credits, which were sold to one the country’s largest corporations, Chevron, Inc. through its subsidiary, Chevron HTC, Inc.

Total Sq.Ft: 124,500
Contractor: Hammel Builders
Architect: Marks Thomas


  • 1.800.844.2990
  • 2020 K Street, 6th Floor, Washington D.C 20006
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